Where can I buy gold?

You may believe, if you’re anything like me that our government officials mismanaged our money. Although they may say things are improving, it is not true. Ask the millions of Americans out of work and other millions who have lost homes and their livelihoods to see if they believe in a recovery. Most Americans don’t. So let us invest in gold ira.

We need to look at facts in order to make sound decisions.

1. Unemployment is shockingly high. Many people believe that it is even worse than what is published.

2. The alarming rate at which banks go bankrupt is increasing. You can see this… And this…The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, (FDIC), that we have trusted for years to provide insurance on a portion our deposits only has 19 Billion of assets to cover 4.4 Trillion deposits. Do you feel happy? I didn’t think so.

3. Over-taxation is on the rise, and Washington, D.C.’s current leaders aren’t offering any relief.

4. By any reasonable standard, government spending is totally and completely out of control. And that will only continue to grow.

Factors That Contribute To Another Likely to Collapse

* Unemployment-Unemployment is not only a sign of depression or recession, but also a cause. Although a difficult economic period can cause unemployment, the only way to ensure a sustainable economic recovery is to get people back to work. GOOD EMPLOYMENT NUMBERS ARE A MUST.

* Housing, Personal Debt, Bankruptcy. Nationwide unemployment without a clear end in sight is only one part of the picture. When we take into account the poor housing market, the turbulent credit market and the large number of personal bankruptcy filings, the true economic state can be seen.

*The Housing Bubble Burst in 2008, it wiped out the net worth of average Americans. People were hurt, and they continue to be. It hurt me personally, and my entire family. Home equity is another factor that has impacted credit markets. Credit became less accessible to people due to their loss of equity.

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