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Drug Addiction Information on Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are soulcybin naturally found in nature. They can either be eaten raw or dried and then ground up for tea or coffee. There are many different types, strengths and types of magic mushroom. The mushrooms open up the mind to external influences and allow it to run free.

The ‘trip’ can be either gratifying or frightening. It takes approximately an hour for the trip, which can last as much as 6 hours. It is an alternative to LSD, a semi-synthetic drug that can cause severe hallucinations.

While long-term effects of regularly taking magic mushrooms aren’t known, there is a problem with their natural availability. These mushrooms can only be grown in areas that have cow or horse feces. This can offer a lure for the adventurous mushroom-lovers who will try to gather every mushroom they find, thinking that it is safe and healthy. Some fungi may not be the best and it is sometimes difficult to know which are toxic. Some mushrooms are very poisonous. They can cause vomiting, fever, diarrhoea or even death. Some mushrooms have a delayed reaction, meaning that symptoms may not appear immediately.

Magic mushrooms are a natural product that is not ‘processed’ before being consumed. Safe drugs exist, but most drugs are made from naturally occurring plants or fungi. They aren’t as addictive as LSD or other heavy drugs. They are also not as destructive or socially damaging as crack and heroin. Depending on the user’s mental health, mushrooms may have a detrimental effect. In some cases, mushrooms can cause a person to become very obsessed with their hallucinations and even have a debilitating mental state.