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How To Get Insurance For Your Self Storage Items

Many customers who use self storage assume that the service providers will automatically insure their belongings. However, this is not always the case. While you may think storage facilities will offer insurance as part of the rental fee and any other fees that you pay, this is not true for all providers. Your personal belongings are protected by insurance. You will be protected in case your storage unit is subject to fire, explosion or vandalism, as well as theft, flooding, storms and other natural catastrophes. In the event of theft, coverage is limited to break-ins. You should consider insurance when selecting a self storage provider that you will use for many years or months.

Only a few self-storage units offer full and comprehensive insurance. In this case, you’ll be charged a higher rate to cover the insurance costs. Although basic insurance may be offered by some self-storage providers, it may not be sufficient to cover the cost for your items. It is worth purchasing additional insurance to cover expensive items and sentimental possessions you want to store in a storage unit. Before you can move your belongings into the rental, you need to obtain a policy.

Your home insurer should be your first call. Your home contents policy may cover your personal items. A household policy typically covers items within a home and any items stored in your house that you need to repair or service. Items kept in self-storage usually are not covered. If you don’t wish to spend extra on insurance but still want to save money, you can add an additional premium to existing home insurance. You will need to show your insurance policy to self storage providers if you wish to obtain insurance coverage. The provider can offer these policies to new self-storage customers. The provider will ask you to give a list with the items and their values to help them choose the right policy. Some providers may recommend insurance policies for self storage that can be cheaper. Although some facilities offer assistance to renters, there may be others who insist on their policies for customers before they are able to rent a unit.